Agents for Observability & Management

To use Observability & Management (O&M) services, there is the option to deploy OCI agents depending on which service you wish to enable.

There are two types of agents that can be used.

  1. Oracle Cloud Agent (OCA) – This agent is deployed by default if you provision hosts via the OCI Compute Service. OCA has extensions and plugins which can be used to enable other features native to OCI Compute Services.
  2. Management Agent (OMA) – This agent is a standalone version where you can deploy to hosts or VMs:
    – That do not have OCA installed on OCI eg. OCI Database Services (eg. Oracle Base VM/BM, ExaCS).
    – On-Premise
    – Third Party Cloud (AWS, Azure etc..)

Please see the current O&M support we have for each agent:

OCI AgentLogging AnalyticsStack MonitoringDatabase ManagementOperations InsightsTarget
Oracle Cloud Agent (OCA)YesYes  YesOCI Compute VM / BM Host
Oracle Management Agent (OMA)YesYesYesYesOther VM Host (including on-premise and 3rd party cloud)

OMA Agent Install

In previous post, I have provided steps on how you can install the Oracle Management Agent.

OCA Agent Install

For this post, let me show you how easy it is to enable the O&M services for Oracle Cloud Agent (OCA).

1. In the OCI console menu, navigate to :

COMPUTE > INSTANCES > [select your compute instance eg. hcm]

2. Choose the Oracle Cloud Agent tab

3. Verify that Management Agent plugin has been Enabled here. If it is disabled, click on toggle to enable it.

3. Verify that Management Agent plugin has been Enabled here. If it is disabled, click on toggle to enable it.

4. In OCI console menu, navigate to:


5. Check the Compartment is selected for your Compute. Drill into Agent Host eg. Agent (hcm)

6. Click on Deploy plugins

Choose the O&M services you wish to deploy the plugin for.

Now you are ready for next steps to configure the O&M services for your targets.

For further information to enable log ingestion to Logging Analytics Service please refer to this post.

For Stack Monitoring Service, this post is coming soon..


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