This Is A #TeamTribute

With everything that has been executed for the #WorldInnovationDay Hackathon, the primary focus has been to support the participants. Hence, I want to pay tribute to the participants and teams that we’ve been able to support along the way. Each person came into this event with a different goal in mind – some wanted to learn, some wanted to connect with others, some wanted to build a business. To continue with this support, this is my ask:

If you can help a team or an individual, please reach out.

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#ThankYou To The Mentors

At the #WorldInnovationDay Hackathon, Apr 16-19 saw many participants and teams come together to progress the agenda around the United Nations #SustainableDevelopmentGoals. I’ve previously wrote about this hackathon – you can check these articles about the technology (here) and about the event (here).

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#WorldInnovationDay Tech Showcase

April 16-19 saw people from across the world come together to focus on three Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the #WorldInnovationDay Hackathon. This blog highlights the technologies used to help accelerate the team’s execution. If you want to read more about the event itself – check out this previous blog (here).

Over the course of the weekend, Oracle Cloud tenancies with $500 USD credits were provided to each participant to use. It was not mandated that they use Oracle Cloud nor was it given to participants automatically. It was encouraging to see people open to explore and learn with Oracle Cloud. I want to thank the Oracle mentors supported the participants ensuring that whilst the teams explored, they could confidently execute and deliver. Here are the common requests from teams and the cloud services that they used over the weekend.

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