Entities and Intents: crawling through Natural Language Processing

I’m afraid that the following syllogism may be used by some in the future.

Turing believes machines think
Turing lies with men
Therefore machines do not think

Yours in distress,

(Alan Turing)

The journey started five months ago when I went to Bangkok to attend the Intelligence Chatbots Masters Training run by Oracle Product Management. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to dive deeper into the world of Natural Language Processing. While I think it’ll take me a while to transition from crawling into walking through this fascinating world I’m happy to start sharing my findings.

This blog is about Entities and Intents which are the key building blocks for Natural Language Processing.

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Application Builder Cloud Service 17.1.3: Creating Custom Connectors for REST Services

Recently Oracle has announced Application Development Platform 17.1.3 with useful new updates, enhancements and relevant announcements to a vast range of services in the Application Development portfolio, including Java Cloud, Application Container Cloud, Developer Cloud, Application Builder Cloud, Database Cloud, Exadata Express Cloud, and more.

Application Builder Cloud Service 17.1.3 comes with very interesting features including but not limited to:

  • On-device mobile app development with Oracle MAX (those of you who’re familiar with Mobile Cloud Service should remember that Mobile Application Accelerator used to sit on top of Mobile Cloud Service. Now a customer who has an ABCS account leverages a visual drag&drop development tool to  create both rich Web and Mobile applications).
  • Connect to external REST services with pluggable Business Object Providers
  • Business Logic for custom data objects – triggers validations and more
  • In control availability Security at the row level Action on fields in the UI

This post covers what is available to create custom business object providers to connect to external web services and expose them as business objects. ABCS 17.1.3 has a built-in template that provides an example of how to use Application Builder APIs with no connection to real REST API. The extension I have used is a great starting point to showcase how to connect to a real REST Service for demo purposes only.

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Wellness First: an inside look at Beacon technology

“Just like lighthouses have helped sailors navigate the world for thousands of years, electronic beacons can be used to provide precise location and contextual cues within apps to help you navigate the world.” (The Google Beacons development team)

What I find thrilling about beacons is that in their simplest sense they are unaware of themselves or any devices around them and we – humans – are not aware of them. So how is possible that these tiny transmitters are being used to help people in their daily lives? According to reports, 5 million beacons attached to the walls around the world are used to offer great help to people with regard to an array of things like travel, shopping, parking, entertainment, transportation, inventory management, assets tracking, indoor navigation  and at last but not least in the healthcare space through more efficient processes and improved patient-care.

Wellness First is a fictitious gym that utilizes beacons to improve the customer experience. In this post we’ll take a close look at the Ionic Framework Mobile App I’ve built that uses Estimote beacons to target a customer located near the room where a Yoga class  is just about to start and offers an unbeatable discount.

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