Oracle Live Hands-On Workshop Series (Aug – Nov 2018)

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Autonomous Data Warehouse Workshop:

Think self-driving is just for cars?   Think again.

Join us in this exclusive event and get hands-on with the self-driving Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse cloud.  See how Oracle is changing how businesses manage data and use analytics in the new era of automation.  Discover the combined power of Oracle’s autonomous strategy as we show you how to unlock the value of data and reduce risk in your data management platform.

Start the day with a briefing on how autonomous data management helps to empower you to differentiate your business through smarter insights, faster analytics and discover new ways to capitalize on your most valuable asset — your data.  Following the briefing is a chance to get roll up your sleeves and get hands on with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.

The Hands-on Lab:

In this hands-on lab you will get first-hand experience with Oracle’s new Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.

• You will provision a new ADWC database and see how you can connect your tools to your database.
• You will work with Database Services and the sample data sets provided.
• You will load a local file from your computer to your Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Database, see how you can connect a data visualization tool and build dashboards with the tool.
• You will scale your database and experience the elasticity of Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.

Hands on Lab Pre-requisites:

A laptop able to connect via wireless with a minimum of 8GB of Memory and 3GB of storage (Windows laptops preferred with administration rights required to install Oracle SQL Developer and Oracle Data Visualization Desktop)

• Oracle SQL Developer
• Oracle Data Visualization Desktop
• (above software will be provided if needed)

Presenter:   Alex Blyth / Michael Charbonnier

Event Locations & Registration:

SYDNEY – ORACLE OFFICE – Tuesday 21st August
MELBOURNE – ORACLE OFFICE – Wednesday 22nd August
BRISBANE – ORACLE OFFICE – Thursday 23rd August
CANBERRA – ORACLE OFFICE – Friday 24th August
PERTH – ORACLE OFFICE – Tuesday 28th August
ADELAIDE – ORACLE OFFICE – Wednesday 29th August
WELLINGTON – CLIFTONS – Thursday 30th August
AUCKLAND – ORACLE OFFICE – Friday 31st August


Autonomous AppDev Workshop:

As organisations focus on delivering innovation fast, they want a secure set of comprehensive, integrated cloud services to build new applications and run their most demanding enterprise workloads.

Built with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and groundbreaking machine-learning (ML) algorithms, Oracle Cloud Platform autonomous services offer self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing capabilities, enabling organisations to lower cost, reduce risk and accelerate innovation.

In this short workshop, you’ll see applications being built using a variety of modern App Dev technologies and principles, using the following agenda:

  1. From Data to Available Datasets with REST APIs, 3 ways
  2. User Experience via Development Tools (Web/HTML5, Mobile, Bots)
  3. Blockchain Enabling Critical Elements
  4. Integrating Applications, supporting Modern App Dev

Audience:  IT Managers, Architects, Developers

Optional Hands-on Session:
At the end of this workshop, there will be a hands-on element specifically with the Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud Service, therefore will need to bring your Wi-Fi enabled laptop and mobile phone with you to participate.

Register to reserve your seat below!

Event Locations & Registration

SYDNEY ORACLE OFFICE – Wednesday 5th September

BRISBANE ORACLE OFFICE – Tuesday 11th September

CANBERRA ORACLE OFFICE – Wednesday 12th September

MELBOURNE ORACLE OFFICE – Thursday 13th September

PERTH ORACLE OFFICE – Tuesday 18th September

ADELAIDE ORACLE OFFICE – Thursday 20th September

WELLINGTON CLIFTONS- Tuesday 25th September

AUCKLAND ORACLE OFFICE – Thursday 27th September


Digital Background

The Autonomous Enterprise

…..and Autonomous Mobile Workshop:

Oracle’s Autonomous strategy is unmatched in the market.  As the only global vendor, Oracle releases solutions that leverage AI for a purpose. This makes it easier for customers to get started as it’s less developer centric, but more business centric.  Oracle Autonomous solutions, can be applied across the organization for various purposes such as integration, application development, blockchain and so forth.

One of the most revolutionary technologies in the past decade is Chatbot, which leverages AI for a purpose (e.g. conversation flow with customers, employees or suppliers) and can deliver 40-50% improvement in productivity in just a few weeks.

“A chatbot is a computer program which attempts to maintain a conversation with a person”. – Wikipedia

Intelligent bots are computer programs that leverage artificial intelligence to enable natural conversations with people.  The recent advancements in machine learning and the convergence of compute power and big data are bringing artificial intelligence into the mainstream.

The Oracle Bots platform helps organisations engage with their customers and employees through common instant messaging and chat clients, like Facebook Messenger and WeChat, or by adding conversational features to their mobile apps. Chatbots are an extension of the Oracle Mobile Cloud Platform .

Join us for this Workshop to find out more about how Oracle is approaching this innovative and transformative technology to help build the next generation mobile channel.

Audience:   Business Managers, User Experience Managers, Developers, Architects

Presenter:   Vijay Kumar Yenne  &/or  Michael Scheelhardt

Event Locations & Registration:   (registration links TBC)

BRISBANE – ORACLE OFFICE  –  Tuesday, 23 October
SYDNEY – ORACLE OFFICE  –  Thursday, 25 October
MELBOURNE – ORACLE OFFICE  –  Tuesday, 30 October
CANBERRA – ORACLE OFFICE  –  Thursday, 1 November
PERTH – ORACLE OFFICE  –  Tuesday, 20 November
ADELAIDE – ORACLE OFFICE  –  Thursday, 22 November
WELLINGTON – ORACLE OFFICE  –  Tuesday, 27 November
AUCKLAND – ORACLE OFFICE  –  Thursday, 29 November


Author: Mounash

Committed to sharing the learning opportunities available for Oracle's Cloud EcoSystem

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