TADHack 2017 in ANZ – In Review


Last weekend (23/24 Sept) we hosted 4 locations across the local region – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland as part of a global hackathon event called TADHack Global 2017. We hosted it last year in the Brisbane office. See what we did this year to make the community bigger and better. Click Here.

Author: Jason Lowe

Also known as: JLo, JSON I'm passionate about how organisations adopt IT quickly and sustainably to achieve a specific and measurable outcome. "How ?" Through creating sustainable platforms that are supported by lean IT practices in operational support and project delivery, and adopting these practices with Oracle technologies. Another area of interest is the use of commodity solutions to reduce the focus on things that the customer doesn't care about and the use of innovative solutions to focus on things that the customer does. I'm looking into how we (as an industry) can disrupt ourselves and others, in our methods of innovation, in our engagement & collaboration and in our expectations of ourselves and others. I'm currently learning and understanding different perspectives and drivers - from enterprise to start-ups, academia to commercial to public sector, cost-sensitive (risk) to value-driven (reward) - all of which influences decisions that organisations make. All of this will (hopefully) lead to understand 'my customers' better so I can 'service' their needs better.

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