#BuildWithAI 2021 Team Tribute

#BuildWithAI Hackathon 2021 comes at a different point in time. Last year it was a little of an unknown. This is the second year that this event has been run and there was more of an understanding about what to expect and who might be participating.

As like last time, it is a privilege to write this article as there has been significant effort to get to these outcomes. If all I do is to highlight those that have been generous with their time, knowledge and willingness to participate, then it is a service that I will do every time. Here is a recount of some of the teams that participated at the #BuildWithAI Hackathon 2021 (and who were the winners).

This is a tribute.

The one ask that I do have for those is to connect. Connect with the problem; connect with the team and make this tribute more than an article but a way to #BuildWithAI.

This tribute is to elaborate on what the teams have done, the problem being solved and the ideas that were generated. This is an opportunity to allow others to connect with the individuals and the teams.

Team Name  : Binary-brains

The Team: Muhammad Hassan Khan (here); Arqum Farooq (here); Sidrah Abdullah (here).

The Challenge: Digital Education with Predictive Analysis

Comments From The Team: We used it (Oracle Cloud) for analysing and finding insights from our data and we used it in modelling our data in its data flow tab. Oracle Cloud is a big tool for Data Science and AI and I learned alot about Oracle from KY (Kuan Yi Lim) and Daniel Tan. It was very interesting and easy to perform analytics and even machine learning on it.

Team Name: Creative analyst team

The Team: Sinda Belguith Ellouze (here); Gul Hassan (here); Ahmed I (here); Muhammad Asif (here).

The Challenge: Zero Waste Zero Hunger

Comments From The Team: We had used Oracle Analytics (Cloud) for perspective analysis and our app will be hosted on Oracle (in the future). Oracle provided us credit so we had analyse the data get insights from it using Oracle Analytics.

Git Repo: https://github.com/Gulhassan786/BuildWithAI-2021


Team Name: Neuron Fire

The Team: Durga Prasad Mn (here); Srinija Amisthapur (here); Noro Chalise (here); Azib Farooq (here); Ashwini Ghatode (here); Danial Muhammad (here); Sohaib Ahmed (here)

The Mentors (Honourable Mention): Yamini Harikrishnan (here); Himanshu Joshi (here); Gaurav Koradiya (here)

The Challenge: Digital School Enhancements with Predictive Analytics

The problem looking to solve:

Student teacher parents interactivity problem


Sedentary lifestyle of students due to COVID

Student engagement

Lack of visibility to student 360 skill set

What our solution does:

Personalized academic and character education approach
from one-to-many approach

Predicts student grades and provides AI course suggestions
based on student previous grades and interests

Lifestyle habits check-in to predict mental health of students

Student self-discipline and commitment prediction
based on no of hours self-study, group study no of hours

Student-Teacher-Parent check-in surveys

Comments From The Team: In January 2021, Neuron Fire started as a YouTube channel by Srinija Amisthapur to promote growth mindset through animation. #BuildWithAI Hackathon 2021 was a platform where we joined a global team with diverse skill sets and great mentor’s support. Neuron Fire is expanding its capabilities to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to help students in academic, character education and lifestyle improvements. We used Oracle Cloud platform for hosting the Neuron Fire website. It was really a great experience participating in BuildWithAI 2021 hackathon. Thanks to Hackmakers and sponsors Oracle and Openweaver. Special thanks to our mentors Yamini and Himanshu.


Team Name: We.The.World.AI

The Team: Danielle Alice Desanges Aucéane THIAM MÉKÀ de GOGUENHEIM (here); Nnamse AKPAN (here); Jean Bernard MATHIAS (here); Poonam AHUJA (here); Allen FRIMPONG (here); Qasid ALI: (here); Ilsa AFZAAL (here); Bennett CHEN (here).

The Challenge: Zero Hunger Zero Waste

The problem looking to solve: In Australia, 7.3 million tonnes of food is lost or wasted, while over 5 million Australians experience food insecurity each year. Fictitious NGO “Annie’s Goods for Anyone” AGA, similar to thousands of NGOs globally provides food to people in need. AGA operates across a few offices within a region, where it is able to take in regular donations from a wide variety of partners such as supermarkets, grocery stores and hospitality businesses, which includes food (perishable and non-perishable) which is then used to support communities and families. AGA, like other NGOs, struggle with the tension between the volume and quality of donations that are received from these organisations compared to demand and usefulness experienced by these communities. Traditionally these NGOs are not equipped or funded to use the latest AI Data Driven Technology to help provide these services efficiently with the best consumer experience. We wish to provide AGA with a solution built with AI.

What our solution does: Given the solution statement, how to assist an NGO to reduce donated food wastage due to spoilage, we designed our solution in assisting the NGO with better prescriptive measures to increase efficiency of logistics processes through predictive delivery and storage capacity scheduling.

Comments From The Team: We applied an Oracle Machine Learning to predict outcomes from a clustered, prioritized dataset processed from the provided dataset. Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) was used to create predictive priorities and Oracle Application Express (APEX) was used to create a cloud-based application called PRESERV to embed predictive data with auto prescriptive triggers and also provide Dashboards, Inventory Management, Location Maps for quantities linked to a search result.

Our solution, PRESERV, is a web-based AI-enabled platform  an initiative with much benefits such as:

Cloud-based application deployment
compatible with multiple browsers and devices .

Auto-predictions and prescriptive suggestions pop-out.

Standing inventory map and inventory load-balancing.

Predicted quantities (3 Weeks forecast).

Scheduling page for creating order requests and
receiving email notifications of availability.

Multi-user, simple Graphical User Interface with multi-field search tool.

Click from graph/visualization to table .

End-to-end single vendor solution.

Also with Future prospects:

Inventory load-balancing automation.

Intelligent IoT Sensor interoperability with Oracle Analytics cloud to automate prescriptive actions on incoming dynamic data streams.

Git Repo: https://github.com/NnamseA/Team-we-the-world-ai-

Team Name: Cognitive Challengers

The Team: Neema Madayi Veetil (here); Poornima Devi (here); Sivaramakrishnan Sivalingam (here); Sanjana Satyan (here); Pavithra Devi (here); Bhawana Kumar (here); Hafiz Sami Ullah (here); Prashant Pathak.

The Challenge: Digital Education

The problem looking to solve: The pandemic has impacted education and classes have moved online students have been isolated on screens and coping with this change. Despite the challenges, the digital school has the potential to transform education. How can we empower students and teachers in this new age digital school paradigm?

What our solution does:

Interaction channel of the study courses that the student took

Assessment types (by tutor/computer/final exams)

Assessment school

Study credits of the student

Based on all the above features our community challengers application would predict to the tutor whether the student would fail or succeed in the study course on the online platform. The tutor will be able to predict which interactive channel is more successful and it also helps to understand the proactive behavior or the student who finished the course material beforehand.

Comments From The Team: The team has worked with Oracle Analytics Cloud to understand key insights that explains the data.  We also used the GPU available on Oracle Cloud for building our Machine Learning model which involved huge data.

References: Business Model Canvas (here)

Radika Kumar who was a Lead Mentor shares some of the teams that she worked with.

Team Name: HackStreetSquad

The Team: Prakash Kumar Jha (here); Philo R (here); Nitish Chaturvedi (here).

The Challenge: Zero Hunger Zero Waste

Team Name : Avengers

The Team: Anthony Mipawa (here) and others.

The Challenge: Digital Education

Team Name: Crocodile Coders

The Team: their profile (here); Tareq Bin Ahammed (here) and others.

The Challenge: Zero Hunger Zero Waste

And the remaining finalists are:


Team Name: Hunger Hacks

The Team: Ayaz Mujawar (here); Jewel James (here) and others.

The Challenge: Zero Hunger Zero Waste



The Challenge: Digital Education



The Challenge: Zero Hunger Zero Waste


Team Name: AI Hulks

Congratulations to all of the teams that participated. There is something to learn from the experience.
– about the tech; about the team; about the process.

And to those reading this – if you find value in any of
these ideas or people, please reach out to me at jason.lowe@oracle.com or to the any of the individuals.


Author: Jason Lowe

I am passionate about how organisations adopt IT quickly and sustainably to achieve a specific and measurable outcome. This thinking is supported through lean IT practices in operational support and project delivery, and adopting these practices with Oracle technologies by creating sustainable platforms. I'm also interested different perspectives and drivers - from enterprise to start-ups, academia to commercial to public sector, cost-sensitive (risk) to value-driven (reward) - all of which influences decisions that organisations make. I have a passion for community and have been called "a connector" - meeting new people that are trying to solve valuable and hard problems and connecting them with others that can validate and help realise their full potential. I've supported different organisations like TADHack and Hacking Health as a global organiser. I'm is a persistent blogger on medium.com and redthunder.blog and on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/lowe-jason #CommunityMatters #ItTakesAVillage

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  1. Thank You Jason for sharing. It’s really wonderful to see in a short span of 4 days how all these great ideas and were chiseled into practical solutions. Best wishes to all teams.

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