Boring FAQ to engaging Digital Assitant under 5 mins

Majority of the websites have FAQ pages, and they are always dull. If only you could convert your FAQ to something more tangible that solves the users need you could resolve customer frustration of finding the right information. Moreover, if that experience is more interactive, it leads to an engaging experience where you can contextualise the data and also execute the task on behalf of the customer. We can create this rich experience by making your traditional FAQ’s wrapped inside a chatbot.

In this article let’s have a look at how we can quickly convert FAQ Pages to a Bot in minutes. Oracle’s natural language understanding technology and QnA engine available in Digital Assistant platform can sift through the historical FAQ data and answer even sophisticated requests from your clients. Further, you can handover complex queries to your support as I discussed in an earlier article

Leveraging the Digital Assitant Platform you can build, train and publish a simple question and answer bot based on FAQ URLs, structured documents, product manuals or editorial content in minutes.

From FAQ Page to an FAQ BOT

Step 1: Create a Bot from the Digital Assistant Builder UI

Let’s create a Telco FAQ Bot.

Step 2: Activate the QnA Feature for the Bot

Step 3: Prepare the FAQ Content (Currently Knowledgebase data source can be prepared in a CSV format. More knowledge base sources support to be available in the platform soon).

Here is the template with sample content that I am going to use for my Bot.

Tip: Make sure the headers in the CSV follow this format: category_path, questions and Content.

Step 4: Load the source files (formatted as CSV above) that holds the categorized question and answer pairs.

The QnA engine supports the following languages today and more to be added in the next iteration.

Step 5: Train the Bot with the QnA trainer.

Final Step: Add the QnA System component to the dialogue Flow so that the bot can now start responding to the questions being asked by the end user.

You can also use the code snippet below into your state flow.
    component: "System.QnA"
        none: "unresolved"
      next: "qna"
    component: "System.Output"
      text: "Sorry, I did not find any match. Can you rephrase the question?"
      return: "done"

That’s all is required to convert your FAQ page to a Bot! We have our FAQ bot ready to be plugged into any channel — Web /Mobile/Messenger etc. Alternately you can test your FAQ Bot using the Bot simulator.

FAQ Bot in Action

By combining the Transactional conversation flow with FAQ style, you can now build a chatbot that can engage with your customers and improve the customer experience thereby making your customers feel positive when engaging with your brand.


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