Provisioning Autonomous Oracle Digital Assistant

In the last post, we talked briefly about the Oracle Digital Assistant. In this post, I would like to walk you through the provisioning process of the Autonomous Oracle Digital Assistant.


Access the Cloud Services Dashboard:

Expand the left Hamburger menu and select the “Digital Assistant” service
Hit “Create Instance”

In the following screen provide the name of the instance. You will notice that you are not going to provide any Requests per hour the metric at which the service is charged. As you are going to be charged based on the usage and the service being autonomous will scale up or down based on the workload.

Depending on where you are provisioning (US / EMEA) DC you can select the region Hit next and confirm

Check the progress of the provisioning by navigating to the Activity Tab:

You can see that the service is provisioned in matter of minutes.

Navigate back to the Instances Tab and expand the Hamburger menu to access the Digital Assistant Designer UI link.

You can now access the Digital Assistant UI and create your First Bot / Skill.

Check out the downloads section that navigates you to the Component SDK’s and the GitHub link to clone the base node component framework required to build the Data Integration services. Yes, it is open-sourced 🙂


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