Setup Order Management Notifications in Oracle SCM Cloud

I’ve recently been working on a Chatbot demo that can submit orders for souvenirs through Facebook Messenger and updates the Oracle SCM Cloud. We demoed this in Cloud World Sydney and the idea was to be able to have the attendee make an order through Messenger, then receive a QR code to claim their souvenir at the demo booth, where we show that their request had flowed into SCM.

Now the only problem is our environment automatically generates an email notification where the order is submitted. We needed to turn it off otherwise the user would receive 2 emails.

These are the steps:

  • Login as an Administrator to SCM Cloud – https://[[YOUR_SCM_CLOUD]]/fscmUI
  • Select “Setup and Maintenance”
  • Open the right drawer bar and select on “Search”
  • Search for “Manage Business Event Trigger Points”

Select “Order Header Status Update”

Under “Submitted” remove “Send Email Notification”

Now if you actually checked “Send Email Notification” you will get a default Email that gets sent out to the Order Contact. You can modify the BI Publisher template using Word.

Download BI Publisher from the SCM instance itself at https://[[YOUR_SCM_CLOUD]]/xmlpserver to modify

See the SCM documentation for more capabilities:

Thanks to Rakesh Singh for digging this out!


Author: Serene Tan

I'm a Cloud Solutions Architect (Platform-as-a-Service) for Oracle based in Melbourne. I love integrating and connecting anything - humans, applications, machines, businesses - to create an end-to-end holistic experience. My motto. NO MORE SILOES.

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