REST Enable Anything?

I think I’m living in a strange world.  With all the technology swirling around my head I find myself asking, “I wonder if I could REST enable that” or “I wonder if I could automate that device with micro services.”  Yes, I am crazy!!!

Case and point:  I bought my six-year-old son a remote control digger.  It wasn’t terribly expensive, but it was also not terribly good.  The remote control was cumbersome and it couldn’t do very much.  The “I wonder if I could automate that” in me decided to make a few modifications.  That led to a few more modifications…. The final result was a pretty cool remote control digger!


I mention it here on this blog because I also asked the question “I wonder if I could REST enable that” too.  Yes… yes I can.  What am I going to do with that?  I have no idea.  I have grand ideas of being able to say, “Alexa, dig a swimming pool in the back yard” followed by the wonderful Alexa reply, “Ok.”

Here is a link to all the details on this project in case anyone would like to do something similar.

Thanks for reading.



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