It’s not always about the Tech …

I’m starting a series of blogs and collective content around “not just the tech”. This is where the inspiration has come from and a general observation:

  • Technology is great. Technology is cool. Technology creates massive opportunities.
  • Even though there is a lot of technologies to buy, like cloud, machine learning, big data and IOT, no business goes out to just buy technology. There’s typically a problem to solve where technology plays a part.
  • Technology and the delivery of the technology is no longer enough. I buy a hammer not to put it in the shed but to bang the nails with it. But even that may not be the goal. It may be actually to build a shed.
  • Businesses see projects being delivery. And typically, they are managed in order to effectively deliver.
  • Projects are no longer about just delivering a solution. There are typically massive unknowns. These unknowns are sometimes called transformation, disruption or even innovation.
  • New ideas typically have not been validated or quantified. Can the business really say what value it’s going to bring?
  • How quickly can businesses can convert from idea to outcome?
  • Are businesses setup to engage external resources on projects that are experimental or exploratory?

The reason why I’m contributing to this is because in a lot of the digital initiatives that are undertaken, “it’s not all about the tech”. As part of this series, I’ll be talking to different organisations and communities about these problems. I’ll also be taking inspiration from others as well that are talking to organisations about their journeys, their values and their learnings.

Author: Jason Lowe

Also known as: JLo, JSON I'm passionate about how organisations adopt IT quickly and sustainably to achieve a specific and measurable outcome. "How ?" Through creating sustainable platforms that are supported by lean IT practices in operational support and project delivery, and adopting these practices with Oracle technologies. Another area of interest is the use of commodity solutions to reduce the focus on things that the customer doesn't care about and the use of innovative solutions to focus on things that the customer does. I'm looking into how we (as an industry) can disrupt ourselves and others, in our methods of innovation, in our engagement & collaboration and in our expectations of ourselves and others. I'm currently learning and understanding different perspectives and drivers - from enterprise to start-ups, academia to commercial to public sector, cost-sensitive (risk) to value-driven (reward) - all of which influences decisions that organisations make. All of this will (hopefully) lead to understand 'my customers' better so I can 'service' their needs better.

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