Speed 2 Value Workshops: March – May 2017

Cloud in Action Seminar – Register Here

In this 2 Hour session,  you hear how Oracle Cloud Platform provides
– Many Infrastructure Entry Points
– Applications Usage beyond original purpose
– Mobile and Bot Enablement
– Faster Building of New Apps

Integration in Action Seminar – Register Here

At this 9am to 3pm session, see SAAS and On-Premise Apps working together discussing
– Integration Choices
– Why APIs are Cool
– Integration Patterns / Analytics
– What and Why MicroServices
– Machine Learning
and Seeing chatbots, drones and robots participating

Developer Experience Seminar – Register Here

At this 9am – 5pm session, Develop Apps at speed whilst maintaining quality, control and flexibility using latest Devops practices
– Drive innovative approaches to business outcomes
– Understand the “6 Key Things” for AppDev
– See the “6 Key Things” in action with Oracle Cloud
– Experience what APIs can do for business

Innovation in Action Seminar – Register Here

At this 9am – 5pm session, see how Consumer-level collaboration and innovation are now expected in the workplace, using a combination of techniques and cloud solutions, supporting
– Fast Idea to Digital Model
– Integration & Process Tools
– Mobile & Multi-Channel Engagement & Analytics
– Internet of Things


Author: Mounash

Committed to sharing the learning opportunities available for Oracle's Cloud EcoSystem

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