Demystifying the Oracle SOA Suite Cloud Service – Our Approach

We wanted to include a number of SOA components into our demonstration scenario. These components included some of those well-known SOA Suite capabilities such as Mediator, BPEL, and Human Workflow.

The use of SOACS also provided us an opportunity to explore interaction with other Oracle Public Cloud services such as Storage, Database, API Manager, and Oracle Messaging Cloud Services.

In order to demonstrate the SOA functionality we decided to utilise the Fusion Order Demo (SOA End to End Tutorial) that is provided to the public by Oracle SOA Product Management. This demo suited our needs as it had an OSB project, a SOA Composite with Mediator and BPEL components, and would provide a good baseline project which we could easily extend to include other components such as Business Rules and Human Workflow.

Broadly our goals were as follows;

  • to show that SOACS is the same SOA Suite capability we were familiar with but now running in the Oracle Public Cloud.
  • To show that once we got past the nuances associated with connecting from your local development environment to the OPC, the components such as Mediator, OSB, and Oracle BPEL Process Manager behaved in exactly the same way.
  • to understand the OPC provisioning processes and related benefits.

Our Target State topology was as described below;

  • a local (Windows based) development environment built using SOA 12.1.3 Quickstart to provide
    • JDeveloper + SOA Composite editors
    • Integrated WLS / SOA Server
  • And in the Oracle Public Cloud
    • a single node Load Balancer (Oracle Traffic Director),
    • a two node WLS / SOA – Oracle Service Bus cluster (12.1.3),
    • a single node API  Manager instance,
    • a single node Oracle Database (12c) for the SOA MDS,
    • the SOA End to End demonstration project(s) deployed to the SOACS.


Author: David Reid

Cloud Platform Architect

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