How to Customise (reskin) API Platform Developer Portal

Information is power and monetisation of data is a common theme in the corporate world today.  One of the common use-cases for the API Platform is to leverage corporate services and data and provide it to a broader internal and external development community.  Control is kept in-house through security, policies, throttling, etc, but it dramatically increases the pool of developers working with our services.

API Platform is a great tool for this, but if I’m going to expose services to a developer community, I don’t really want to have an Oracle branded developer portal exposed.

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DX Workshop Season 3 — The Experiment

Season 3 of the Developer Experience Workshops had just kicked off today in Perth. And travelling to Melbourne tomorrow for the meetup tomorrow night and then the workshop after that.

See what is happening at the upcoming workshop here at

Here are the upcoming workshop (at the point of publishing this article):

Melbourne – Wednesday 8 Nov 1800 Meetup – (York Butter Factory) –
Melbourne – Thursday 9 Nov 0900 Official Session – (Oracle Office ) –
Brisbane – Tuesday 14 Nov 0900 Official Session – (Oracle Office) –
Brisbane – Tuesday 14 Nov 1800 Meetup – (Oracle Office) –
Wellington – Monday 20 Nov 1800 Meetup – (TBD) – To Be Finalised
Wellington – Tuesday 21 Nov 0900 Official Session – (Oracle Office) –
Auckland – Wednesday 22 Nov 1800 Meetup – (TBD) – To Be Finalised
Auckland – Thursday 23 Nov 0900 Official Session – (Oracle Office) –
Sydney – Wednesday 29 Nov 1500 Official Session – (Oracle Office) –
Adelaide – Thursday 30 Nov 1500 Official Session – (Oracle Office) –


Experimenting with Fn project

The first AppDev Made Easy (previously known as DX Workshop) for this tour started in Perth. We are continually trialing a few different things as such as we incorporated Fn project

The whole demonstration of Functions was to articulate that there are different ways to execute and understanding the problem to solve as well as the values that the organisation holds (including both business and IT departments including developers) which will determine the technology.

For the demo we start from the very beginning.

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Let’s all raise a cup of coffee to toast the success of Oracle Mobile and Chatbot!

A few years ago, Oracle unveiled Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS), the first step in our ambitious mobile-first strategy. MCS enjoyed tremendous success, in some cases helping customers garner industry accolades for their mobile apps.  Both Forrester and Gartner recognized MCS as an industry leader. Impressive? You bet. But it was only the beginning.

“Oracle is in the Leaders quadrant this year, which is a move from the Challengers quadrant in 2016. Oracle has achieved a significant increase in MADP sales, primarily from its Oracle Applications installed base. It continues to build on its platform with chatbot support and expanded analytics, and to enhance its high-productivity development tool” (Gartner)

Just a few weeks after launching Oracle Cloud Platform for Mobile and Chatbots Oracle earns a spot in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Mobile App Development Platforms. 

No matter what your favorite hot drink is – whether you’re a flat white person or a short macchiato or a ‘long-black-with-a-dash-of-hot-milk” like me today I’d like to conduct a bit of an experiment with you. Have you ever asked a Conversational Bot driven by AI to order coffee for you? No? Well today you can with the Oracle Coffee Bot! Are you ready?

  1. Hopefully you have a Facebook account. If you don’t I’m sorry at the moment the CoffeeBot is available for the following channels: Facebook Messanger and Amazon Alexa. We’re working to make it accessible from a simple Web Page or within a Mobile App.
  2. Search for @anzcoffeebot in Messenger to find the page easily or open the CoffeeBot Page in a separate tab and click “Send Message”. This Bot was originally built for Telstra Vantage hence the name “TelstraCoffee” 🙂
  3. Well now all you have to do is ask your “BaristaMadeBot” what you’re after and just converse with it!
  4. Has the Bot submitted your order? Awesome! We’ve received your order, you can see it yourself here. If there was a Barista serving coffee now at a Coffee Cart near you you’d enjoy your coffee or tea. Don’t worry the ANZ Digital Experience team wants to meet you, so we’ll try and set up a Coffee Cart powered by the Oracle Coffee Bot in your city. Just let us know!

I hope you had a bit of fun with the Bot. If you want to know what runs in the “backstage” of the Coffee Bot and how Oracle Mobile Cloud enables you to build intelligent chatbots that connect to any backend system please continue reading. You won’t be disappointed!

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TADHack 2017 in ANZ – In Review


Last weekend (23/24 Sept) we hosted 4 locations across the local region – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland as part of a global hackathon event called TADHack Global 2017. We hosted it last year in the Brisbane office. See what we did this year to make the community bigger and better. Click Here.

Teaching best practices to Design, Build, Secure and Monitor APIs

In this blog, I want to share my experience after having created many APIs using different approaches and technologies. I am going to encapsulate a simple process that will help you construct APIs, starting from scratch with an idea or requirement and move it all along to a happy consumption.

The best part of APIs is that they are microservices enablers, which implies that they are not technology prescriptive, so in this blog you will see that your APIs can be implemented using any technology or programming language.

I decided to use “Jokes” as the vehicle to explain the APIs construction best practices, mainly because jokes are a simple concept that anyone can relate to, but also because I want you to feel compelled to consume these APIs and by doing so, get a laugh or two.

My original idea with jokes is to:

  1. Get a random joke.
  2. Translate the joke to any language.
  3. Share the original or the translated joke with a friend via SMS.

This is the high-level view of how our end solution will look like:

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Intelligent Bots improve customer experience

“Your call is important to us. Please continue to hold” Does this sound familiar? Imagine the frustration at the other end of the line your customers have to go through while the query might be as simple as “what is my credit score ”?

In this new digital world if a customer has to wait for 15–30 mins to speak to an agent there is something fundamentally wrong with the way an Enterprise operates. Throwing more agents to respond to queries or moving your call center to a developing country is definitely not the way you want to scale and reduce your call time to few seconds. How do we solve this problem? We need an intelligent virtual assistant or a chatbot that can understand the natural language, process the query, talk to one or more systems in the background, aggregate the information from these systems and provide a response instantly so that the customer can easily digest.

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