Teaching how to integrate Facebook with ICS

This section shows you how to use the Facebook ICS Connector that comes out of the box.

Configure your Facebook Connector in ICS

First of all, in order to create a Facebook Connector we are going to use OAUTH2 to authenticate. This will require you to create an Application within your Facebook account and use the “Application ID” and “Application Secret”. Follow the next steps to do this:

  • Login to the Facebook Developer portal at http://developer.facebook.com/
  • Once logged in, on the top right corner, click on “My Apps” drop down menu and select “Add a New App”

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Teaching how to connect to Sphero2 and Parrot Drones with ACCS

This section shows you how to use the Sphero 2 JS APIs to connect and interact with it.

For more information refer to: https://github.com/orbotix

Install NodeJS

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Teaching how to setup your Raspberry Pi 3

Installing VNC Server on your Raspberry Pi 3

Source: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/remote-access/vnc/

  • Install the TightVNC Package

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Teaching how to use NodeJS in your local environment

Installing NodeJS

This section assumes that you are using the Xubuntu development environment that was built in this document. If using other environment, you will have to adapt the commands/paths accordingly.

  • Run the following commands:

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Demystifying the Oracle SOA Suite Cloud Service

Recently Carlos and I were given the opportunity to explore the capabilities of the recently released Oracle SOA Cloud Service (SOACS), and to document the steps required to get started with the service.

In this series of blog posts we have put together a record of what we did, and our key takeaways from what we learned during the process in the expectation that it may help others new to the Oracle Public Cloud and specifically the Oracle SOA Suite Cloud Service.

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