Teaching how to use the Oracle OSB/SOA Database Adapter (read & write)

I am using the pre-built virtual image that Oracle provides as a public VM in OTN (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/soasuite/learnmore/soa-vm-2870913.html). If you don’t have an existing environment, you can download this VM and use the underlying Oracle DB for the following exercises. The details are as follows:

  • Sysdba: sys/welcome1
  • Port: 1521
  • SID: soadb

Otherwise modify the connection settings accordingly to point to any other database.

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Teaching How to Configure Oracle Salesforce Adapter for an on-premise OSB/SOA installation…

This section provides an overview of how to configure the Salesforce adapter as part of an on-premise installation/configuration. Notice that Oracle provides an out-of-the box Integration Cloud Service in the Oracle Public cloud where these steps are not required anymore, as these adapters are provisioned and configured by default. For more information on how to integrate into Salesforce using Oracle Integration Cloud Service, refer to this other blog: https://solutionsanz.wordpress.com/2016/11/22/teaching-how-to-integrate-salesforce-with-ics/

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Teaching How to Configure JDeveloper to deploy into SOACS

Creating an Application Server connection in JDeveloper to any SOACS environment is slightly different than doing it against a traditional WebLogic and SOA environment. The main difference is that the SOA CS environment is governed by Oracle Compute Cloud Service (IaaS), which by default establishes a few network restrictions.

There are multiple ways to open access from SOACS Compute Cloud Service to allow connectivity from JDeveloper, but in this document we have mentioned what we believe it is the easiest and less intrusive way. If this approach is not applicable to your situation, feel free to contact and discuss other ways with the owners of this document.

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Demystifying the Oracle SOA Suite Cloud Service

Recently Carlos and I were given the opportunity to explore the capabilities of the recently released Oracle SOA Cloud Service (SOACS), and to document the steps required to get started with the service.

In this series of blog posts we have put together a record of what we did, and our key takeaways from what we learned during the process in the expectation that it may help others new to the Oracle Public Cloud and specifically the Oracle SOA Suite Cloud Service.

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