Teaching How to Provision an Oracle SOA Cloud Service Environment Using REST APIs

We just covered in previous blogs how to provision environments with components such as: Database Cloud Service, Java Cloud Service, SOA Cloud Service (SOA, OSB, SOA & OSB, API Manager), etc. via the various Cloud Services Console web pages.

In this section I am going to demonstrate how to provision the same type of environments, this time a SOA CS environment with SOA and OSB, but this time using REST APIs. REST APIs are very well documented for the vast portfolio of Oracle Cloud Services. For more information refer to http://docs.oracle.com/cloud

Notice that being able to script, version and test the creation of environments via REST APIs, can facilitate the life cycle of not only software, but also environments, which is a crucial aspect in devops.

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Teaching how to run ICS APIs from a DevOps perspective

In this blog I am going to show you how to interact with ICS system APIs, in order to simplify the deployment of ICS Integrations being stored and retrieved out of version control repositories (e.g. Git). This can be applied as a Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery task, removing with this, manual interventions to export, import, configure connectors, activate integrations, run tests, etc.

I am going to be running these APIs via CURL commands and JSON objects, so that these commands can be easily ported into shell scripts, perhaps part of a CI/CD step using Hudson or Jenkins, for example.

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