Autonomous Chatbot & Mobile in Action Workshop

Digital Background

You’re invited to a unique workshop to experience Oracle’s world-class Autonomous Chatbot & Mobile Cloud Platform in action. Bring the team as this applies to Business Managers, User Experience Managers, Developers and Architects alike.

This exciting seminar and workshop with include  a business presentation, demonstration, and a hands-on workshop so you will be leaving knowing:

  • How Autonomous software can free up time for your employees to focus on high value tasks, by executing autonomously mundane tasks across your business.
  • How your business can easily take advantage of AI to reduce inefficiencies and save time and money, whether it is about self-service for customers, employees or suppliers.
  • How this unique Oracle Autonomous strategy is transforming app development quickly.

Optional Hands-On Session – Autonomous Mobile Cloud Platform

Following the presentation we will run a mini hands on workshop where you will experience how Oracle is approaching this innovative and transformative technology to help build the next generation mobile channel. You’ll experience the power of Chatbot, one of the most revolutionary technologies that leverages AI and delivers a 40-50% improvement in communication productivity in just a few weeks.

Please bring your Wi-Fi enabled laptop and mobile phone with you to take advantage of this session.

These intelligent bots enable natural conversation with people and continue to improve with recent advancements in machine learning, and the convergence of computing power and big data. Plus, the Oracle Bots platform helps organisations engage with their customers and employees through universal instant messaging and chat clients, like Facebook Messenger and WeChat, or by adding conversational features to their mobile apps. Chatbots are an extension of the Oracle Mobile Cloud Platform.

We look forward to seeing and your team there for a very productive morning and afternoon.


09:00am                       Registration

09:30am                       Workshop starts

10:30am                        Morning tea

12:00pm                        Workshop concludes with lunch

12:30pm – 3:00pm     Optional hands-on session

Presenter:   Vijay Kumar Yenne  &/or  Michael Scheelhardt

Event Locations & Registration:   (registration links TBC)

BRISBANE – ORACLE OFFICE  –  Tuesday, 23 October
SYDNEY – ORACLE OFFICE  –  Thursday, 25 October
MELBOURNE – ORACLE OFFICE  –  Tuesday, 30 October
CANBERRA – ORACLE OFFICE  –  Thursday, 1 November
PERTH – ORACLE OFFICE  –  Tuesday, 20 November
ADELAIDE – ORACLE OFFICE  –  Thursday, 22 November
WELLINGTON – ORACLE OFFICE  –  Tuesday, 27 November
AUCKLAND – ORACLE OFFICE  –  Thursday, 29 November

For more workshops:  Oracle ANZ Live S2V Workshop Series

Author: Mounash

Committed to sharing the learning opportunities available for Oracle's Cloud EcoSystem

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